Polaroid 101 Automatic Land Camera

Serial Number: D333465


This camera is in excellent+ condition.

I have checked the functions, and all seems fine.


Manuals for this camera can be found online easily.


Film for this camera:  Polaroid stopped production of the original pack film years ago, Fuji film produced the 4.25”X3.25” pack film FP100 up to 2016.

In 2018 a new company re-invented the peel apart film which is called: ONE INSTANT.

Film Type 100-P7 colour. Check online for suppliers.

Polaroid 101 Automatic Land Camera

SKU: polar101lc3465
  • The 101 Land Camera Specifications

    Produced in U.S.A 1964-1967

    Lens 114mm made up of 3 glass elements f/8.8-42

    Focusing manual with rangefinder – 3 pre-set positions available

    Light meter: electric with shutter priority

    Automatic exposure with shutter priority

    ISO settings switchable 75-3000

    Flash external (Polaroid #268 which take M-3 bulbs) Not supplied

    Power supplied by Original Eveready 531 4.5volt battery (You can convert the camera to take the more common AAA batteries) Note this camera is totally original and not converted. )

    Camera weight: 1.179g