Bell & Howell 624 Standard 8mm Camera & Case

Serial Number: 020809

The Bell & Howell 624 is a clockwork powered movie camera. The camera was produced around 1958 and uses standard 8 film.  On standard 8mm film there was no soundtrack and no facilities on the camera for recording sound. The film is driven by clockwork just wind up the motor with using a large cranking handle on the side of the camera. When fully wound you get 30 seconds of drive.

The camera is very basic and simple to use.

This camera is in good condition and fully working.

See images.


Camera comes with its original dark leather case

& Lens hood.

Bell & Howell 624 Standard 8mm Camera & Case

SKU: bellhowell8mm0809
  • Bell & Howell 624 camera specs.

    Bell & Howell 624 movie camera

    Uses Standard 8 silent film

    Clockwork driven – one wind about 30sec filming time

    Bell & Howell 10mm f/1.9 Comat lens

    Aperture f/1.9 to f/16

    Single frame or 16 fps movie capture

    Fixed focus

    Simple scale measure of remaining film

    Viewfinder with the frame size marked